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The principle aim of Enhancing Entertainment is to introduce interested individuals to the leisure, tourism and entertainment industry. We offer a comprehensive certified on-line training presentation which has proven successful in the instruction and recruitment of entertainment staff and when successfully completed results in a recognised certification of training within the entertainment industry.


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There is an administration charge of £10.00 (introductory offer) for the presentation, phone interview/exam and certification.


 If you are not successful on your first attempt at certification then there is no additional cost to try again after more study. (Example of a few pages of the presentation below)

You will be redirected to the Entertainer Training Certification Presentation page where you can download the presentation as a Powerpoint Presentation, a PDF Presentation or view as a Slideshow Presentation on the website - whichever your preference.




When you feel confident that you have studied and understood the presentation contact us to arrange a suitable time for us to conduct an examination and phone interview.


You will be offered a number of scenarios and situations faced by Entertainers in their work and you will be asked how you would respond or act in these situations. A short phone interview will then follow basically ascertaining your suitability to a career in Entertainment. This would include questions about your self confidence, personality and what you think you could bring to the role of an entertainer.




At the end of the phone interview/exam we will let you know if have received enough points for certification. If you are not successful at the first attempt you can try again free of charge.


Enhancing Entertainment aims to provide entertainers of a high standard to employers to maintain our excellent reputation as providers of entertainment staff to the entertainment industry so if we do not think you are suitable or ready then we will be honest and let you know.


If you are successful you will be sent a certificate from Enhancing Entertainment as having completed the required course of study in professional entertainment.

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